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About Levencrown

Mr. Leonard Levencrown is the principal of Levencrown Family Law Counsel. His expertise in family law and vast knowledge spans over 40 years of family law, exclusively providing quality legal advice and representation to his clients. He specializes in leading-edge complex family law cases and has 35 reported decisions in family law, many of which generated precedents and new laws here in Ontario.

His specialties expand further into complex divorce cases involving Trusts, Corporations, and cases surrounding multifaceted financial circumstances, as well as marriage contracts and separation agreements, having established the law in Ontario in setting aside unconscionable contracts. He regularly deals with child and spousal support cases – to this end, he employs valuation experts to ascertain the true income and expenses of the spouses, especially where the parties derive their income from corporation Trusts or third parties. He has represented clients in cases involving trust claims for work and money contributed to the spouses assets, as well as same-sex couples in separation cases, in addition to unmarried couples. He has represented clients in mobility cases involving children and international custody cases involving the Hague Convention.

Mr. Levencrown has appeared as Counsel in the Superior Court of Ontario, the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Quebec Superior Court, the Quebec Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Levencrown Family Law Counsel is one of the top family law attorneys in Ottawa, Ontario.


The Philosophy of the firm is simple – ethical representation of each client, utilizing leading edge procedures and methods to bring each case to an expeditious resolution.

Levencrown Family Law Counsel in the Community

Mr. Levencrown has sat on many charity boards during his career, including the Children’s Hospital of Ontario, the Parkinson’s Disease Society, the Salvation Army, and many others. He was President of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, which raised millions of dollars for charity, and was also the Lieutenant Governor of Kiwanis International. He has taught at the University of Ottawa and the Law Society Bar Admission course, sharing his expert knowledge and countless years of experience with the new and developing legal student network. He has been a regular panelist on Family Law seminars and has written countless articles on Family Law as well.