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Mr. Leonard Levencrown is the principal of Levencrown Family Law Counsel. His expertise as a specialist in family law, certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and vast wealth of family law knowledge, spans over 40 years of practicing family law exclusively providing quality legal advice and representation to his clients. He specializes in leading edge complex family law cases and has 35 reported decisions in family law, many of which generated precedents and new laws here in Ontario.


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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Filing For Divorce

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Filing For Divorce

Taking divorce can feel perplexing as if you're navigating uncharted hazards and unsure how to prevent missteps, as with everything new. It is a difficult process, even in the best of circumstances. However, you may avoid some of the classic divorce blunders that...

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Law prevents estate claim, court rules

Law prevents estate claim, court rules

Relations between parents and children are always tricky, and perhaps never more so than when parents dispose of their estates: who inherits and how much? A recent Court of Appeal for Ontario decision affirms that parents have no “moral obliga- tion” to provide for...

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